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«Zer gut» means «Very good» in English, «Sehr gut» auf Deutsch, «Очень хорошо» на русском. «Design» значит «Дизайн»

Шаблон для After Effects «Granular»


An After Effects Template that includes some film grain & burn type elements. This won't just be a template to use "as is" but will allow for the user to use multiple times over many different projects. The grain & film burn elements were created by hand in Photoshop, then important into after effects.

This project includes pre-built compositions, but allows for customization of the elements included.

Photoshop Templates Included! 10 Art Wipes with Textures as well as 6 "Fast Flash" elements to use in stills or video.

Шаблон для After Effects «Granular»


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